最新通知:从3月30日起英国皇家邮政Parcel Force对中国的ParcelForce Global Priority服务加收附加费

最新通知:从3月30日起英国皇家邮政Parcel Force对中国的ParcelForce Global Priority服务加收附加费



      收到Parcel Force的最新通知,从3月30日起英国皇家邮政Parcel Force对中国的 ParcelForce Global Priority服务加收附加费。另外,Parcel Force Global Direct services 服务,目前恢复时间仍然不详,若有变动我们会另行通知。

Parcel Force的最新邮件通知:


Coronavirus/Covid-19 Update

Australia, China and Canada - service and charges for globalpriority and globalvalue parcels

In the rapidly evolving situation regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19), we are continuing to work very closely with our airline partners to maintain our overseas delivery services.

We are pleased to tell you that we are able to secure capacity to operate the service to Australia, China and Canada. However, as passenger numbers reduce, the number of available flights to these destinations has also reduced significantly, impacting capacity for parcels and freight.

We have arranged additional capacity but unfortunately these suppliers cannot meet our current cost levels and therefore we now need to apply the additional charges as detailed below. The additional charges, which are per kilo, will be applied to all parcels shipped to Australia, China and Canada on or after Monday 30th March 2020.

£2.75 per kilo for all parcels to Australia
£1.20 per kilo for all parcels to China
£1.80 per kilo for all parcels to Canada